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Cyborg 009 Sues

Blast the Bitches!!

The Cyborg Sue of the Day!
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Cyborg 009 Sues

Hello, one and all!! Welcome to Cyborg 009 Sues, deticated to KILLING those vile, autrocious, horrid, and annoying MARY SUES. I've seen far too many of them (GASP!! they spawn like bacterial fungi!) on ff.net and mm.org, SOOOOOO... I bring you the Cyborg Sue of the day! (the title was taken from yu_yu_sues and pottersues) You've seen it; the mysterious girl from Jet's past... the suddenly-appearing 0017-some-odd, the ONE GIRL who can make the Cyborgs drop their guard in the twitch of an eye... It's just so vomit-worthy!

Mary-Sue Report Form:
Full Name:
Sue-thor's name:
Species: (cyborg, human, other, etc)
Hair colour: (you need help with this one?)
Eye colour: (see above)
Powers: (duh)
Connections to canon: (hooks up with Joe, Hilda's sister, conveniantly caught by BG at the same time her sig. other was, etc)
Possessions: (sword, cat, army of other Sues&Stus, etc)
Story summary:
Story sample: (this MUST be placed behind an lj-cut. For further info, follow this link: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75)
Fanart: (if the sue-thor has made any art, you can post it here under an lj-cut)
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My community is one of MANY MANY anti-sue groups! Check 'em out, K?

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If you find any really rancid Cyborg-Sue fics, please, post 'em right here! Leave us a link to where the author is, too! Let's have fun with this, cuz MARY-SUE MUST DDDIIIIEEEE! Oh, and if anyone reads some of their work on here and is offended... well... (insert a suitable, sarcastic apology here) Don't flame us, because we will either laugh our asses off until we piss ourselves, then flame you back. Toodles!