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grab your sporks and pitchforks!

Is this really that bad? Find a sue, post a sue, kill a sue! Life is good. Especially once you've written one for your friend and now get to kill it dead! XD FYI, 0021 looks exactly like my best friend. Connection? Yes.

Full Name: 0021
Sue-thor's name: mika zero-zero twenty-one
Species: was human, now cyborg
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: blue-green-gray
Powers: everything
Connections to canon: likes Joe and forces him to like her back, then tries to leave Suedom by pushing him away
Possessions: Sora's Keyblade from KH, losta guns, cell phone, clothes
Story summary: COMPLETE! Black Ghost wanted to create the ultimate fighting force, so he created nine cyborgs. Problem is, now he has eighteen rebels instead of nine.
Story sample: “WATCH THIS!” 0021 shouted from inside her jet. She held a hand out, and the moon began to move. She continued to move it until it smacked where Josephine and 0019 stood. 0019 frowned.

“UMBRA STRIKE!” She roared. Black cords wound themselves around 0021’s limbs. 0021 realized that this wasn’t any ordinary binding attack once she felt the darkness seep into her mind. She tried to push it out, but it wouldn’t leave.

“Give up, fool,” Josephine commanded. 0021 had no choice but to obey, and the attack shrouded her mind. The moon returned to its orbit. 0021 screamed and her uniform turned black with silver buttons and cape. Her eyes dimmed to murky blue-gray and she flew to Josephine.

“My little slave,” Josephine said, ordering 0021 out of the jet. 0017 and 0034 saw and nodded to one another. Both unleashed, in a combined effort, about a thousand bullets toward Josephine. 0021 threw her weight about in a ragdoll-like fashion and deflected the bullets.

“Do you know why 0021 was created?” Josephine asked. Her size multiplied by about twenty, so she towered over the solar system. “0021 was meant to be my pet. But you stole her from me! Now I have her back and I can once again take my power!”

(Oy, you may want to do something, 0043 and 007.) Panthos suggested. (Multiply yourselves so it looks like there’s more. Trust me, you can do it.)

(Worth a shot,) 007 confirmed with 0043. She shrugged in reply.

“HEY BOZO!” 0043 shouted. She got Andrew and Marco’s attention in response. “IF YOU BITCHES CAN CATCH US, YOU CAN TAKE US ALIVE!”

“0043!” 007 groaned. She took off, leaving copies of herself in her wake. 007 shook his head and took off after her.

Instantly, Macro and Andrew began firing. 0043 hit her accelerator and took off leaving hundreds of clones per second.

“GET THE BOX!” Josephine commanded 0021. 0021 jumped from her place and flew toward 0017. 0017 hit her accelerator, and 0021 followed her lead. No matter how fast she went, 0017 couldn’t shake 0021. Finally, she left acceleration mode with her jet in shambles. 0021 slowed and blasted the jet with all she could muster.

The jet was barely recognizable. 0021 broke through the hatch and grabbed the box. 0017 was knocked out cold and had several bleeding gashes, and even more unseen by 0021’s harsh eyes.

“Bring it here,” Josephine said. 0021 obeyed, and just as she was about to pass off the box…

((song slows just a little, Sadie stops dancing but the background stays lit))
Somewhere after midnight
In my wildest fantasy
Somewhere just beyond my reach
There’s someone reaching back for me

“Well, at least we know that 0043 and 007 are doing some good,” Panthos said. Epona waved her hand at him.

“But hell is controlling their most powerful asset, 0015’s gone, and Pandora’s Box is going to be destroyed.” Epona replied.

…009 blasted it from her hands. The box fell to the ground near 0021’s feet.

“You pick it up and I’ll kill you,” 0016 said above her. 0021 was torn between obeying Josephine, or listening to 009 and 0016. She bent down to pick it up and struggled to move toward 009.

“Take it,” She whispered. “Please.”

009 gently lifted the box from her hands and flew for it. Seconds later, Josephine realized what had happened.

“0019! Get 009!” Josephine ordered. 0019 flew to the rouge cyborg.

“You poor, deranged fool,” 0019 shouted, then took aim with her blaster. When that didn’t work, she stopped. “We’ll see…ESCAPE MY ARROWS!”

A bow and a quiver of arrows appeared in her hands. 0019 knocked three and took aim for 009. She loosed the arrows and they flew for him, fire lighting their tips.

His jet took the arrows. Seconds later as he began to spiral down, Fate appeared next to him.

(The bearer of Pandora’s Box, at current, is 009,) She reported. 009 noticed that a white beam of light was pulling him out of the nosedive and back toward the fight.

(You really need to give that to the person you love,) Fate said to him. (That’s all for now. Poseidon and Panthos may be by later if you haven’t figured it out yet.)

She disappeared once more. 009 found that his jet was repaired, and he still held the box. But Fate had said something about his love. Did she mean 0021 or 003? He was torn: 0021 loved him, as did 003. But whom did he want to give his love to?

“YOU DIPSTICKS CAN’T FUCKING CATCH US!” 0043 roared. She was laughing at Marco and Andrew. Their focus had dwindled. Diana came flying by.

“Allow me,” She said calmly. Taking aim, she fired two rays of light at 0043 and 007. The rays struck 0043 and 007, who were knocked unconscious instantly. 0014 flew by in her jet and caught them as they fell.

(0043 and 007 just got it,) 0014 said.

(Well shit, we could use help!) 0050 snapped. (0017’s missing, 0021 is fighting everything that comes near her, and we have a crazed archer.)

0014 got there as fast as she could. It was not a pretty picture.

0034 was being shocked in her jet by the power-crazed Josephine, 0042 was trying desperately to find 0017, and the rest were trying to coax 0021 out of shooting them. 0014 sprang out of her jet and found that Poseidon was standing next to her.

“This isn’t very good,” He mumbled. “0017 is over yonder. I’ll set her jet so she’ll fly back to the atrium. What you can do…” He gave her a large smile. “You figure it out.”

He was gone once more. 0034 lay toasted in her jet. 0021 drew her arms in tightly and curled into a ball.

“Don’t worry, little cyborgs,” Josephine taunted. A beam of lightning came down to try and strike 0042, but 0014 realized what Poseidon had reminded her of.

“BEAT THIS, BITCH!” 0014 cried, and sent the lightning right back at Josephine. 0021 jumped up and fired a brilliant pink blast for Josephine, who had shrunk back to size.

“0037!” 0049 called. 0037 ran off toward Josephine.

“0021! Aim for her legs!” 0037 shouted to 0021. The opposing team was shocked. Why was 0037 helping them? But 0021 wasted no time and shot for Josephine once again.

Josephine reflected the bullet and it shot 0037 in the heart. She flickered away, as if she were a hologram.

Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat
It’s gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet
Fate stomped her foot down on the glass. “YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! OPEN THE BOX!”

Epsilon laughed. “Fate, this is the most fun you’ve been since…well, since ever.”

ISV smacked him upside the head. “Oy, just let her steam.”

009 threw the box to 0021. 0021 looked at him with a shocked expression.

“This isn’t for me. I can’t open it.” 0021 said, handing it back to him. He looked at her. “I’m sorry, 009…” Silver tears spilled down her cheeks. For a moment, he watched as she showed him that the lid would not lift for her. As he was about to accept it back from her, Marco shot it from their hands.

“That’s ours, mind you,” Pierre said, lifting it and hurtling it to Josephine. She caught it and stumbled back a little.

“Do you know why I can open this?” Josephine asked, stepping back into her swirling purple vortex. “My heart is pure…pure evil!”

She tried to open the lid, but it wouldn’t come. 0021 snickered.

“BITCH!” Josephine snapped. A blast of fire erupted around 0021 and she flew off once more in her jet.

“Make me, and I may!” 0021 replied happily. Josephine was royally pissed off and was willing to show it. 0021 wanted to shake the knowledge that she couldn’t open Pandora’s Box.

By some random instinct, Diana sprang in front of 0021.

(Don’t you dare hurt her,) 0019 said. Josephine gave a shriek of rage.

“WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ALL CONVERTING! DON’T YOU WANT POWER?” She demanded. Her gaze, along with all her siblings’, fell to Pandora’s Box. It was clutched in 0050’s hands. 0050 saw them looking and threw the box to 003, who was one of the cyborgs outside their jets. 003 caught it and held it for a moment.

Pandora and Fate were pale and sweating with nervousness. Panthos was trying to calm the trembling Epona and Poseidon the shaken Omega. ISV and OV clung to one another and hoped that the end was drawing near.

“Diana and Artemis have reawakened,” Epona said in a shaken voice. “Akio and Rona have brought back 0017 and 0015.”

Epsilon looked out the glass. His ruby eyes watched as 0021 and 009 tried to divert attention from 003.

She’s given up hope, Omega thought. 0021 finally forgot her love for 009 and returned him to 003. I only hope, for our sanity, that this will end.

ISV placed her palm to the glass. Project Meteor couldn’t be successful, or the end was upon the universe. Their hideout would be ripped open, and they would all become cyborgs like her poor sister. The usual jumped-up psychic was aware that a tear fell down her cheek.

All of Generation Zero knew what could happen either way the coin landed. Pandora watched as 003 placed her hand to the box’s lock and lifted it. Pandora clasped a hand over her mouth as Josephine shot for 003’s heart. In an instant, Pandora began to weep, but all hope was not lost. The bullet drew to be only a few inches from 003’s very flesh, and…

((song goes on drugs. Sadie and Joe get onto the piano and begin to dance while the replacement pianist, Heather, enters))
Up where the mountains meet the heavens above
Out where the lightning splits the sea
I could swear that there’s someone somewhere
Watching me

Just before the bullet had made contact with 003, she lifted the lid of Pandora’s Box. A small child now sat in the open box, and held out her hand. The bullet was splintered into millions of shards and fell to a shocked 003’s feet.

The little girl was hardly a foot tall. She had teensy hands and feet, and cute little powder blue ringlets framed her smiling face. Her eyes were bright blue green with purple around their rims. Out of her shoulderblades, through a ripped long-sleeved pale purple shirt, white wings burst. The shirt was draped over her entire body, and covered over her fingers, and her feet were clad in petite lavender slippers.

Josephine’s eyes widened. “How…how…did you open the box?”

003 was hardly aware of what she had done. The little girl climbed onto 003’s shoulder and kicked the lid of the box shut.

Pandora appeared. “Hope is released. I can take the box back…”

She was crying. As 003 handed Pandora the box, the little girl patted Pandora’s head. Pandora smiled through her stream of tears.

“I hope you can help them, Hope.” Pandora said, then vanished once more.

Hope, the little girl, hugged 003. “Sorry for scaring you. But we can exchange names a little later on. Both of us have work.”

Josephine roared in rage. The purple vortex shot arms out to try and strike the cyborgs.

“Hey, Artemis…” Diana said. “How about we rock these dorks to the next millenium?”

0019 smiled. Josephine screamed.

“GOD DAMN YOU ALL! Wait…I am God!” Josephine realized. She cackled. An arrow came flying at her, and it was from 0019’s bow. 0019 laughed.

“Never was there a better archer than Artemis!” 0019 shouted. The arrow collided with a purple arm and destroyed it. While Josephine was preoccupied with 0019, 0021 shot for Marco.

“SHUSH! My yeast is rising!” 0049 said randomly. Josephine stopped mid-cackle to blink at him. 0049 replied to this, “But look! It is!”

So all the fighting ceased and they watched the yeast rise…for five seconds.

0021 shot Marco down. 0019 turned around and laughed. Her wings threw off their black feathers and regrew white ones. 0019 gave a roar of laughter. “I AM ARTEMIS, GODDESS OF THE MOON AND HUNT!”

Suddenly, a white blast rang across the perimeter around Josephine. The purple began to recede to where Josephine stood.

“You can’t do that,” Josephine said.

“You’re right,” Diana added. “I can!”

A dark indigo bang blasted across where the white lingered. The two cancelled one another out and three people stood next to Diana and Artemis.

The one in the middle was a boy. He had messy golden-burnt-orange hair and burning, clear blue eyes. He wore a dark green muscle shirt and black basketball shorts. As a side note, he also wore a lot of golden bracelets.

On his right was a female. She had silver hair, twisted into a bun and held up by a white pen with a thirty-two pointed star at its end. Her bright blue eyes looked remarkably similar to Diana’s, and she wore the exact same outfit…without the extra gold jewelry. Hers was silver.

The left also happened to be female. She wore a black version of the right girl’s uniform and the same silver jewelry.

“UMBRA!” The girl on the left shouted. A dark blast was fired toward Pierre and Andrew, and succeeded in knocking Andrew off his guard. Pierre was engulfed by black flames.

“I’m not about to let you have all the fun, Umbra,” The boy said. “SOLAR FLARE!”

A streak of red light flew across to counter the purple ones. The boy smiled. “Your turn, Luna.”

“Thank you kindly,” Her voice was like a tiny bell tinkling. “REFLECTION!”

All of Josephine’s comrades were taken away by silver cords and trapped in a golden cage. The boy and girls hugged Artemis and Diana.

“Nice to see you two again,” The dark girl said. Her voice was low and shy. She turned to face the cyborgs. “I’m Umbra, and this is my twin Luna. He’s Helios. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Josephine threw a ball of black energy toward the cage. Helios kicked it back to her.

“I’ll be watching from the other side,” He said. “But you’ll see me again soon enough, no?”

Through the wind and the chill and the rain
And the storm and the flood
I can feel his approach
Like the fire in my blood

0014 drew her hand back and gathered energy. She threw her hand forward and gave Josephine a fat taste of hail and rain. In the distance, she heard Poseidon laughing.

“THAT’S NOT ALL!” 0042 shouted. A fountain of water came flying from 0042’s palms and attacked Josephine. 0016 followed suite and set fire and ice from her own hands. The two high-fived one another.

Hope pulled herself into a tiny ball. 003 held the child to her chest and tried to be of some help. 009 looked to 0021. 0021 had abandoned her jet for the moment and was flying with rockets on her feet next to 002 and attacking Josephine on needle setting.

“GOD DAMN YOU ALL!” Josephine roared. She threw a ball of fire at 0021, who was knocked out cold and back into her jet. The hatch slammed shut on her skull and legs.

“No you don’t, Josephine,” Hope cried. Her tiny body was rapidly growing into an older girl’s. “YOU HURT THEM, AND NOW THEY’LL HURT YOU BACK!”

Shadows of 0021, 0015, 0017, 0034, 0037, 0043, 007,Alexa, Raven and Jessica appeared. They were all scarred and frowning at Josephine.

“You fucking asshole,” Alexa muttered.

“You God damn bitch! Rot in hell!” 0015 cursed. She drew Soul Eater over her head and cast it back down. It sent a line straight toward Josephine, burning with white power.

For a split second, billions of threads were illuminated. A white light illuminated the entire universe.

“ATTACK RIGHT NOW!” 0037 and 0049 shouted in unison. 004 knelt and unleashed missiles. 009 and 008 fired. 0016 gave all the fire and ice she could. 0050, out of her grand selection, chose thunder to send out at Josephine. 0014 cast lightning and hail down at her will. The shadows were not idle. 0017’s drew in metal and pummeled Josephine with it. 0034 was firing bullets from both arms and missiles from both legs. 0043, 007 and 0021 were all firing on different settings.

0015 raised Soul Eater. Everything became deathly black. But suddenly, from where Josephine stood, a white light exploded. Everything retained its normal color. The shadows of the cyborgs vanished, possibly to return to their bodies. Alexa and her sisters remained.

“It’s not over yet,” Jessica said. Diana pulled Jessica close to her and hugged her.

“We know. We still have to fight one final bastard.”

((song slows to a medium-paced dance tempo. Strings go on solo with percussion.))

Umbra and Luna kicked down the final door leading to Scarl. As if he were waiting for them, he was seated on a throne and watching the door intently. 0042 shot magma at him instead of her classic water.

“No need for that, 0042,” Scarl said. 0042, Luna, Artemis, Diana and Umbra entered to start the fight off.

“We vote for who we want to bring back,” 0050 said. “I can bring one back to fight.”

“0021.” 004, 009, 0016 and 0049 said in unison. 0016 turned to face their newly acquired ally, along with 0061 and Andrew. Pierre was back at the end of the world.

“And since when did you have a vote?” 0016 asked 0049 curtly.

“Since I joined your side, bitch,” 0049 snapped back.

“DAMN IT, SHUT IT!” 0050 ordered. “0021’s coming back for a little while. We just need to remember that she’s kinda…hurt.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much,” A sleepy Hope said. “She’ll be fine. Just go easy. It’s one final person and you have hope on your side.”

She was tiny once again.

“Aw, isn’t that cute,” 0014 said. “Hope is such a small thing, and it makes the biggest difference.”

0021 appeared next to them. Her hair was singed and she was bleeding. Her uniform was tattered and torn up, and her eyes were sparkling maliciously.

“Let me kill her,” 0021 hissed.

“Uh, correction. Kill Scarl.” 0050 corrected. “Go in there and kick his ass.”

0021 ran in. Umbra and Luna blinked in her passing. 0021 struck Scarl with a flaming fist, making him stumble backwards. He returned the punch with three times her energy. She fell backwards and hit her head again.

“Nice mask, dickface,” 0016 snarled. She shot her ice at him and his right arm melted away. Scarl stepped on 0021’s chest and she instantly ceased living. 0016 shot him with her fire this time and ridded him of the mask.

There was a collective gasp around the room. For under the mask was…

A perfectly normal face. It was pointed, with messy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. This was Scarl, the man behind the mask. It was uncanny.

((song regains a fast tempo, a little faster than the last chorus. Lights turn pink and bubbles burst into stars. We’re gonna be speedin’ at a really fast tempo with Sadie dancing and Joe on piano!))
I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero till the morning light
And he’s gotta be sure
And he’s gotta be soon
And he’s gotta be larger than life

A chain of vines wrapped around Scarl. He made no effort to escape.

“Andrew, my son, help your father,” He commanded more than asked. Andrew shot him in response. It was a shot to the leg, not a big deal.

0021 bolted up from the ground. The room put on a face of absolute shock. She stood up, her uniform repaired by strips of red cloth, which doubled for binding her cuts. Her hair grew back and she laughed like all hell.

“Release him, Rose!” 0021 shouted. 0061 released him. He stood and faced 0021. “Your day has come, Scarl. You have an acceleration switch and so do I. Let’s see if the student can defeat her master.”

0021 took off in acceleration mode. Luna watched and saw she was increasing her speed every five seconds. Scarl was using his, but he wasn’t moving as fast.

002 jumped into acceleration mode. “What’s the problem? You seem a little outdated.” And he shot Scarl. Scarl tumbled out of acceleration mode, allowing 0021 to get in more brutal punches and kicks than humanly needed. She at last left acceleration mode.

“Well, dickhead, it’s really been awesome knowin’ ja. But you know, this relationship was bound not to work out.” She sang, kneeling down and poking the near-death overlord. “Nighty-night!”

And she shot him.

0021 turned to face the rest of her group. “Come on, we need to get outta here. The base is set for self-destruct in ten minutes. Let’s get moving.”

Luna and Umbra flew along the corridors looking for the way out. Luna was eventually the one who found it and alerted the others. 0021 raced along and punched the door straight out into space and got everyone out. She finally turned her back to face the structure as if to say that she was finally done with that era in her life…

And the base exploded.

Helios came into view; beaming at them and shining like the sun. He held Pandora’s Box in his hands and three spools of thread on top of them. Generation Zero appeared next to him, and all of them were smiling.

“Black Ghost is done. Here…” Kronos said, opening a swirling vortex. 0099, a much younger version, stepped out. Her face was the same. From behind her jumped the one that had helped them during Operation Boom and Dust.

“It’s my time,” 0021 said, beginning to fade away. “I have to return to my body to heal fully. I’ll remember this for the rest of my life,” She said. Before she was gone, she grabbed 009 into a deep kiss. As she faded away, she parted and waved to him.
Threat: severe
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