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Mary-Sue Report Form:
Full Name: Elspeth (Elf)
Title: Irish Girl
Sue-thor's name: Taya2607
Species: Human?
Hair colour: not mentioned
Eye colour: not mentioned
Powers: "good with her hands."
Connections to canon: will hook up with either Joe or Jet
Possessions: none
Story summary: Elspeth is a ture Irish girl, born in Ireland she moved to Japan with her dad, whilst her mum moved to Australia. She has a fear of most men and wants her dad back. Will they be able to help her? Please Review!
Story sample: Elspeth quickly hurried down the street, her backpack on her back bounced slightly as she moved. It was almost 6:00pm when she looked at her watch.

“Shit.” She muttered under her breath.

She was puffing slightly now, her cheeks going slightly red as she skidded to a stop in front of a Chinese restaurant. There was no customers in side when she looked, Elspeth quickly headed down the side of the shop and walked in through the kitchen door.

In the corner stood a small chubby man leaning over a stove and looked like he was cooking. He turned when she entered the building, whipping his oily hands on his apron he walked over to her. By this time Elspeth had stopped puffing.

“You’re late Elf.” He said.

Elspeth bowed her head as he addressed her with her nickname. Her name was hard to pronounce, so her friends over in Ireland nicknamed her Elf. Which she now preferred to be called, the only person who called her Elspeth was her mum over the telephone and her dad at home when he yelled at her.

“I’m sorry, my father decided at the last minute to lecture me on how I should respect him.” She said looking back up at her boss.

Her boss Chang Changku (006) was a friendly fellow always cheerful always cooking something. You literally could not get him away from the stove with out a fight. But he was always nice to his employees which were only 2 at the moment, herself and Françoise (003). Françoise was a blond haired blued eyed French woman, who got concerned over everything. She could be so annoying at times, but then again she was the closest thing to a friend who was a girl over here that Elf had ever had. Françoise would especially worry when she came to work with a bruise or a limp. Pain had become a second thought to her so she didn’t realise she was hurt until Françoise pointed it out. So she put up with Françoise and her mood swings, but then again Elf had a lot of mood swings as well. They were not because she was coming up to her time of the month but because of her father. Her father beat her a lot, over nothing really. Elf used to wonder why her mother had left one night but now she knew. Unfortunately her father would not allow her to see her mother. She was the only child they had ever had. So her father felt he had some type of control of what she did and where she went. He was very old fashioned when it came to the house and work.

‘Women are to stay at home, clean the house, cook the food & raise the children. Women are not to work or have ideas of there own.’ He would tell her often.

But Elf just ignored it, she felt as though he was holding her back from enjoying her last few teenage years. She used to think it was just because he was scared that his little girl was growing up too fast, but now she was not so sure. Elf loved going to work it was the only time she could get away from her father and Chang Changku understood that, so she always got to choose which shifts she worked. She was a bit worried about what Françoise would say but she didn’t mind.

“Go and get changed.” Chang Changku’s voice filtered into her day dream.

Elf nodded and headed for the bathroom. As soon as she got into the bathroom a sweet voice, which she had become used to called out to her.

“Hi Elf!” Called Françoise who was putting on her makeup.

Elf smiled and headed for a cubical. She shut the door and sat on the toilet, her hands massaging her temples. Elf could feel a headache coming on, but it was no doubt what had caused it. Her father yelling at the top of his voice at her when she was leaving, eventually she ended up shutting the door in his face. Elf knew when she got home she would be in for it.

“I’ll see you in the kitchen Elf.” Françoise called out as she walked out of the toilets.

Elf stood up when she heard the door bang closed behind her. She opened her backpack and pulled out the little red dress Chang Changku had insisted on Françoise and herself wearing.

‘It will attract the customers.’ He had said when he saw there looks.

Elf sighed and pulled on the dress, she shoved her casual clothes back into the bag and stepped out of the cubical. She slung her backpack over one shoulder and walked out of the toilets. The place was starting to fill up with people. Elf quickly headed into the kitchen before any men could notice she was there. Once in the kitchen she quickly shoved her bag in the store room and headed over to where Françoise was standing.

Françoise noticed that she had come out and grabbed her by the hand. She lead her out to where the customers were and over to a table of men. Elf raised an eyebrow at Françoise when she realised what table they were heading towards. Françoise stopped right in front of the table.

“Everyone, I would like you to meet Elspeth or Elf for short.” She said smiling at Elf.

Everyone stopped talking and looked over at Françoise and smiled. Elf blushed and bowed her head.

“Hello.” They all said.

Elf mumbled a hello but kept her head bowed out of respect and out of tradition with her father.

“Aw. Looks like someone is shy.” The red haired man said.

Elf looked up and saw Françoise give him an evil look.

“She is not shy; she is actually quite a chatter box once you get to know her.” Françoise jumped to her defence.

“That’s true.” Came a voice from behind.

They all turned to see Chang Changku walking towards them. Elf bowed and quickly headed back to the kitchen. They looked on after her with confused looks. Françoise quickly followed her leaving Chang Changku with the others. She was confused at Elf’s reaction.

‘Must be her upbringing.’ Françoise thought to herself.

Françoise walked into the kitchen and found Elf putting food on plates. She shook her head and walked over to her. Elf stopped what she was doing when she felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned around to see Françoise there and smiled.

“I’m sorry; I should not have done that to you.” Françoise apologised.

Elf shook her head, her long red hair going form side to side.

“It is not your fault. I’m just not used to meeting very many people.” She answered then went back out and started taking customers orders.

Françoise sighed and did the same.

Meanwhile Chang Changku talked to his fellow Cyborg’s and Dr. Gilmore.

“She is a strange one.” The red haired named Jet (002) muttered.

“Well it could just be her up bringing.” Came the voice with a slight German accent of the silver haired man named Albert (004).

They all looked at Chang Changku who sighed as he watched Elf taking orders.

‘She is a strange one.’ He thought to himself.

It was strange to him that he was actually agreeing with Jet, though he did not say anything.

“Where again did you say she came from?” Asked G.B (006) as he looked over at her scribbling down notes and smiling.

“She is from Ireland. But moved here with her father after he mother left when she was 10. Apparently her mother now lives some where in Australia.” He answered heading back to the kitchen.

Dr. Gilmore sighed but did not say anything, he was curious at why Elf would not talk to them. She seemed to talk to Françoise and Chang Changku but was very timid of talking to them or letting them see her face. He pushed thought to the back of his mind; he would ask her later about it that was if she would talk to him. Jet leaned back in his chair and placed his hands behind his head. Elf walked past him with a plate of food. He sniffed the air, his mouth beginning to water. She placed the food on the table then brushed passed him on her way back to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Chang Changku was cooking food for the Cyborg’s and Dr. Gilmore, they didn’t need to place an order for he knew what they liked. He placed the food onto plates and put them on the bench; he saw Elf out the corner of his eye and had an idea.

“Elf, would you mind taking these plates out to the far table in the corner?” He asked knowing she would do as she was told.

Elf looked over to where the table was and sighed. It was the table that Françoise had introduced her to before. She could see Chang Changku looking at her out the corner of her eye. Elf nodded her head. Picking up the plates, headed out of the kitchen and over to the table. As she got closer Jet sat up waiting for the food to come. She placed the food onto the table as quickly as possible.

“Thank you.” G. Junior (005) said.

Elf nodded her head before walking back to the kitchen. Unfortunately for her there were more plates to be given to the table. So she headed back to the table with the plates. Once the food was on the table she headed over to another table to take there order.

With there order taken she headed back to the kitchen where Françoise was heading out with a few to many plates.

“Do you want some help?” Elf asked Françoise as she neared.

Françoise shook her head. Elf nodded and continued to walk into the kitchen. She stood in there for a while not really needed for anything. Leaning against the bench she sighed, she could see Françoise heading back with dirty plates. Standing up straight Elf headed out to help take away finished plates. Just as Françoise was walking past a table with children, the boy stuck his leg out to trip her up. It worked with the plates going flying in the air. Elf looked up and cursed underneath her breath. She ran to where Françoise was never taking her eyes off the plates. They went up and what ever went up must come down. Elf held out her hands on each side. As the plates fell she moved them underneath the plates. Eventually she had all the plates in her hands. The restaurant went silent, Elf quickly headed back to the kitchen as Chang Changku was walking out to see what happened. Chang Changku walked over to his friends, who all had shocked looks on their faces.

“Oh I forgot to tell you she was good with her hands.” He said smiling.

Just as he was saying it there came a crash of breaking plates from the kitchen. Elf was cleaning them and had heard what he said. It had shocked her so much she had dropped the plate she was cleaning into the water it smashed against the sink. The smiled on Chang Changku’s face dropped as he quickly headed for the kitchen. Françoise was in there as well when he came in. The look both of them gave him scared him so much he ran out of the restaurant screaming. The Cyborg’s watched as there friend ran out of the restaurant followed closely by Elf and Françoise.

“Well there is something you don’t see everyday.” Jet muttered.

“Come on, we better go get him.” Said a man who had been quiet the whole time.

“Your right Joe (009). If we don’t go and find him soon who knows what Françoise will do to him.” Jet said.

Outside Chang Changku was running down the street screaming apologies. He wasn’t very fast at running and in no time Elf had caught up to him. She grabbed him by the shirt, stopping him in his tracks.

“Great you caught him.” Françoise called out.

Elf smiled at her and could see the men running out behind her. She looked down at Chang Changku and frowned.

“Never say that again.” She hissed kneeling down to look him in the face.

“But it is true you are...” He could never finish his sentence when Elf cut him off.

“People can take that in many different ways.” She said but smiled.

Elf stood up as the men approached with Françoise. She let go of Chang Changku’s shirt and started to head back to the restaurant her head bowed.

“And where do you think you are going?” Ask Jet.

Elf stoped in her tracks she turned around slowly not sure if he was talking to her or someone else. She bowed her head and pointed in the direction she was going.

“I was heading back to the restaurant. Seeing as I need to……” But she never finished.

There was a yell from behind her.


Elf turned quickly around and the entire colour ran out of her face. A man approached her quickly and sternly.

“What do you think you are doing? You are supposed to be home with the dinner ready.” He yelled.

“Hi da.” Elf mumbled.

But it was lost in the ranting and raving of her father.

“Come on where going home.” He yelled taking a handful of hair and pulling her along behind him.

“Da you’re hurting me.” She told him whilst hitting his hand in an attempt to loosen his grip.

Her father stopped and let go of her hair. He raised a hand and hit her across the face.

“You do not hit your father.” He yelled grabbing hold of her wrist now.

Now the Cyborg’s were mad, it was one thing to yell at your daughter but to hit her was another.

“You stop that right now.” Yelled Jet as he stormed over to them, the others close on his heels.

Elf turned to look at them, her eyes went wide and she looked away. Her father stopped pulling her abruptly to a halt and turned to face them.

“You can’t tell me what to do with my own daughter it is none of your business.” He yelled back.

He felt a tug on his arm and turned to look at Elf.

“Da lets just go. Come on lets just go home.” She said pulling him away from what looked like another battle.

But he was stubborn and did not move. He faced the men who were coming towards him. There was yet another tug on his arm he turned around seeing was Elf again he was angry now he picked Elf up by the throat. Elf’s hands quickly went to his wrist. Her dad smiled and threw her down the street. Elf hit the concrete hard and lay there unmoving. Her dad walked up to her and kicked her then left.

The Cyborg’s stopped in there tracks as they looked on at the beating Elf took. Françoise ran past them and headed over to Elf. She shook her trying to get her to wake up, but Elf did not move.

“Move!” Came a very direct voice.

Françoise looked up and saw G. Junior walking over to her. With out any effort he picked Elf up and headed towards the car.

“Well take her back to our place.” Joe said hoping into the driver’s seat.

Françoise nodded and watched as they drove away. Chang Changku and Françoise headed back into the restaurant to finish for the night.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2565519/1/
Threat: HIGH
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