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Another One...?

So it looks like has been lacking in the sue department lately (does little dance), but I'm sure this one qualifies. Same old shit we've seen before--new teenage female cyborg number 00-whatever, you know the drill.

Mary-Sue Report Form:
Full Name: Ame Takeharu
Sue-thor's name: LivingDeadPhantom
Species: human turned cyborg
Hair colour: couldn't read enough to get that 
Eye colour: (see above)
Powers: Not depicted
Connections to canon: Joe's lover from his past (throws up in mouth)
Possessions: uhh, her long hair...?
Story summary: Amé Takeharu is taken by the Black Ghost Organization and the rebel Cyborgs were able to save her! But as memories resurface, more problems are found with the new series. WARNING: Original character usuage! Disclaimers in first chapter!
Story sample:


My name is Amé Takeharu. For the first sixteen years of my life, I have been a loyal member to the Takeharu family. I was a straight 'A' student, honor roll for five years running. I had the voice of an angel, and the athletics of most Olympic competitors. I was the perfect daughter. I even had a boyfriend; although he was my best friend for most of my life, and he was the one mark on my record.

He was an orphan, raised at the local church orphanage. He was three years older than me, but that never stopped us from being the closest of friends. I was fourteen when he finally asked to be my boyfriend; I couldn't say no to him. My family hated the idea of their perfect daughter dating an orphan, but they accepted the fact that I was happy. The Takeharu blood line would continue, and that was all that mattered.

Life was perfect, until he disappeared. It was one year ago when he was suspected of murdering the priest of the church. He had just up and vanished the next day. Mother, with her long hair pulled back while cooking, had told me that it was because he couldn't handle the Takeharu pressure. She died the next day of unknown reasons, leaving me as the only living female residence of the Takeharu heir line. As Takeharu tradition, women in the family must let their hair grown as long as possible and when they die, their hair is cut and woven into a scarf. Her scarf hangs over our doorway. There were too many losses that month.

But… Life slowly began to return to its usual rut in my day-to-day schedule. Perfect, normal, like nothing could go wrong. Then…

The Black Ghost Organization got hold of me. Wiping all memories from my—

Some beginning, huh? Don't worry, it gets better.


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