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Not happy Sue!!

Okay, while out hunting and killing sues that may even seem to be in my next story, I decided to read a few fics...


Mary Sue eat your heart fits everything right down to the fact that a 00 cyborg 'loves' her almost immediately.

Mary-Sue Report Form:
Full Name:
Sue-thor's name: punkrockstargrl101
Species: Cyborg/animal...?
Hair colour: there are two
Eye colour: ''
Powers: transformation
Connections to canon: -
Story summary: (Current one)Chapter 3! After 0014 and 0015 get to Dr. Kazumi's house, they plan a shopping trip, and the boys are supposed to go with them! A funny chapter! RR please!

Chapter exert:

Everybody turned and looked straight at what the boys thought was a goddess. Brittany stood there in navy blue denim jeans that were faded. A gold tank top with the her left sleeve tied up on top of her left shoulder and the right sleeve had been cut so that it sat below her right shoulder, making it look like a tank top strap on the side. Gold and silver bracelets sat at her wrists. A gold arm bracelet was on her left arm. Her uniform, knee high black boots were covering her jeans and stopped at her knees (the cyborgs figured out that she her jeans under her boots). Her dark brown hair with a red tint and red highlights had been parted on the side and had her new layers, tips a darker red then the rest of her hair. Large gold hoop earrings were on her ears. Her dark brown eyes were outlined in black. A touch of lip gloss and her outfit was complete. Except that her nail had gold nail polish on them.

Oh yes, the boys though she was a goddess, especially Jet. (NOOOOO!!!!)

"Sorry we took so long. Françoise let me have her gold shirt, so I had to do some work on it. I made it so that it was tighter and it stopped above my belly button. Well whose coming to shop with us?" Brittany walked over to Françoise and Chalsy and crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow. Pyunma walked over to Chalsy and said, "I'll go with you." Chalsy blushed. Joe walked over to Françoise and said he would go too. Finally Jet said, "I'll go too." Albert was assigned to go with them, to keep an eye on them. And so it started the shopping trip. Little did the boys know, that they wouldn't go back home for another 7 hours.

Trouble? Yes...

Are we truly this...this...this - I can't think of anything right now I'm too annoyed to think coherently at this time. I myself and not a perfect writer, and have had a run in with this bitch called sue.

But what happened to writers such as Wildfire_sky05 who wrote decent fanfictions...?

Come back soon and help us in our time of need for fanfiction.
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