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another one

Okay, I've had it up to here *indicates her nose* with sues. People, get your own storyline. Stop jacking ours and ruining good fandom. Now time for a report of the damage this time.
Mary-Sue Report Form:
Full Name: Naomi
Sue-thor's name: Anime Fan Team
Species: the time. we *all* know what *that* means.
Hair colour: black with red streaks
Eye colour: not said
Powers: human at this point.
Connections to canon: she's Japanese. *snarf*.
Possessions: we have yet to fully be killed. I hope.
Story summary: Five people are taken from the streets and turned into cyborgs. How typical...well you should know the drill by now...Rating will go UP! [how generic can you GET?]
Story sample: It was a quiet summer night in the quiet apartments of Shibuya. In one of the apartment rooms, a young Japanese girl with tanned skin was slowly coming out of her bedroom, fully dressed in her casual clothing; black hair with red streaks was held in a ponytail. Her T-shirt was black that said, "Girl Power!" She wore a pair of red cargo pants and a pair of black and white Converse. As she entered the kitchen/living room, she saw her older sister watching the news while her mother was busy cooking dinner. Taking a quick glance at the T.V., the girl noticed that they were talking about the attack on Pearl Harbor that occurred earlier that month.
"When do you think Papa is coming back?" asked the girl as she walked toward one of the chairs at the table that was located in the middle of the room. Her father had joined the Japanese military a few months ago after the older daughter's birthday. He had received a letter from the front, saying that they needed more men in order to help their Allies against the enemy.
"I hope soon," said the older sister as she turned off the T.V., walking toward the table, "He would surely be missing all of this delicious food that Mother cooked!" The younger sister giggled at her sister's eagerness to finish off the food. She and her father both have the ability to eat anything that they think is good and delicious in a couple of bites.
"I'm amazed by your immaturity, my daughter," said the mother as she placed three plates on the table, "just make sure you leave some food for your younger sister."
"But Naomi is so slow at eating!" said the older sister, getting a glare from Naomi.
"Well at least I don't eat all of the food," said Naomi in teasing tone, "which I must remind you that eating that much could get you fat."
"Me? Fat?" questioned the older sister while standing up, pointing at her arm muscles, "Eating this much is good for my metabolism."
"Then why don't you buy some more pizzas since you seem to do that a lot when you get your paycheck," joked Naomi, receiving a playful punch to her left shoulder. After all the laughter and dinner, the family went out for a small family time at a nearby club that the mother worked at. It was the time of their lives, dancing together and chatting with the bartender, waiters and waitresses.
After dancing the night away, it was now 3 am as they reached their apartment. The mother grabbed her keys from her purse and put it into the key hole, but when she did, the door was slightly open as it flew inward, revealing a person wearing a black ski mask, long sleeved jacket, and pants. Over his shoulder was a brown bag with many items inside, the Katos' valuables!
Before the robber could do anything, the mother spear tackled him, sending him back into the apartment. The girls followed, standing away and near the phone just in case. The mother seemed to be holding the man's hand away from his waist, but he succeeded, grabbing a silver item and everyone heard a gun shot. Time stopped as Naomi watched her mother slowly fall backwards, revealing a smoking whole in her left lung.
"Mother!" shouted her older sister as she attempted to run toward their mom to see if she was ok, but as she got closer, the robber shot at her three times. Watching her family dieing in front of her eyes, Naomi ran out the door and kept running, feeling as if the robber was chasing her, wanting to kill her before she reached the cops. Before she could get on to the sidewalk, Naomi was suddenly grabbed from behind, feeling her whole body being carried by someone as that person began to run off into the dark alleys of the city. The robber was kidnapping Naomi!
"Let me go!" shouted Naomi as she kept punching the man's back, trying to inflict enough pain on her abductor. She was finally put down when she kicked him between his legs, causing her to fall backwards and landing on the cold cement. Taking the chance, she quickly stands up and makes a run for it. That's when time stopped again, as Naomi heard another gun shot and felt an extreme amount of pain in her right shoulder; she was shot! As she began to fall forward, she felt small drops of water fall down her back, then it slowly became rain. She also heard retreating foot steps, telling her that the robber ran off. Feeling the life slowly disappearing from her body, she heard what sounded like a car coming to a stop. Having the bright headlights blinding her vision, she noticed two figures exiting the vehicle and slowly walking toward her still body. Then she fell into darkness.
"You think she is still alive?" asked one of the black suited men while the other one knelt down, checking the teenager and seeing the wound on her shoulder.
"She'll live," replied the other man, "She is also the correct age and also good enough to test out that new acceleration mode that the geeks created." Smirking at the response, the first man carried the girl to the car, setting her in the back seat. Then they rode of toward the airport. Later that morning, news broke out about a family of three women were killed by a burglar who was recently caught and sent to court; he was pronounced innocent after all the police did to bring him to justice...

All I can say is that with five people, this had better be worth publishing space. And with five new Sues, we can all say farewell to unraped fans. *cries*
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